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Download our convenient press material to show everyone that you’re involved in the Tiny Living Petition. If you have any questions about how to use the press kit, just contact us.

Terms of use press material
1. The use of press material for any purpose is permitted only with prior authorization from the Tiny Living Petition (applications should be e-mailed to ).
2. The user is prohibited to modify press material.
3. Press material may only be used to introduce the Tiny Living Petition and when the main purpose of use is aimed at potential or existing customers, partners or guests.
4. It’s prohibited to use press material on souvenirs.
5. It is prohibited to use press material in a manner and context which:
5.1 is unrelated to the Tiny Living Petition;
5.2 violates the Tiny Living Petition or international legislation;
5.3 is inappropriate, malicious, amoral, defamatory, racist, violent, offensive, harassing or otherwise in conflict with public order, good morals or general good taste;
5.4 damages or may damage the concept and integrity of Tiny Living Petition;
5.5 disparages the Tiny Living Petition and their members.

LOGO guideline


The logo from the Tiny Living Petition can only be used on a white or black background. The minimum size of the logo is 484 x 163 pixels and may only be used in full elaboration. The logo must be used with the proportions as shown below and may be scaled proportionally.


SOCIAL MEDIA guideline

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All posts include a link to the Tiny Living Petition website:,
and have the following hashtags: #tinylivingpetition | #petition | #tinyhouse.