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 Who is supporting the Tiny Living Petition 

We are thankful that so many supports us

We thank all those who support us to make the petition a success. Of course, we cannot list every single person here, so we have decided to list the respective associations, communities, companies etc. on our website.

Brette Haus


We as a company support this petition wholeheartedly, as we believe that there must be simpler laws and rules for Tiny Houses. The mission of Brette Haus is to create accessible, truly portable homes that unfold freedom of movement while seamlessly blending in with the environment. The company fabricates quality mobile homes considering that nowadays people are flexible and not attached to only one place.

Tiny House Verband e.V.


"We support the "Wings of Living" project with our network power and wish everyone every success! It's great when the networks grow together in this way across Europe and we can get something off the ground together".
The Tiny House Association is committed to simplifying the provision of pitches and plots for mobile forms of small housing, with or without wheels. The association is the contact for municipalities and communities. We form a network consisting of manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, associations and supporters. 
Our definition of a Tiny House = a mobile small form of housing, with or without wheels up to max. 50 sqm per housing unit

Ma Petite Maison


We are very happy to be part of this movement to popularize Tiny Living across Europe! Each project deserves to have a chance of success and we believe that by uniting our forces, we will make a change.
Ma Petite Maison was created in 2014 by Loïck Boulmot and was one of the first companies to build Tiny Houses in France and in Europe.
We have then evolved to become a facilitator, to helps our customers reach their goals, achieve their dreams, and make their project become reality.
With the Tiny Living Petition, we hope to see mentalities and laws evolve in a more rational solution, legalizing Tiny Living as a real alternative to what we are used to seeing in our industrial countries.

Verein Kleinwohnformen Schweiz


Founded in 2018, the association Kleinwohnformen advocates for a uniform and uncomplicated licensing practice and aims to make various forms of small housing known in Switzerland. With over 1,500 members, it is the largest and most active community in Switzerland when it comes to the topic of "Tiny living".

Wohnderful GmbH


We are mediators of alternative forms of small-scale housing and plan and develop small-scale housing estates all over Germany.
We bring the new housing trend directly into politics, give lectures and try to make alternative forms of small housing even more popular.   
Our goal is to help people fulfil their dream of owning a small home.
With the support of our network partners, we offer nationwide property searches and the marketing of your property.
Furthermore, we plan your new home individually according to your wishes, or recommend a suitable manufacturer according to your needs.